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The Third Sunday of Easter

John 21.1-19

Gaze on another dawn, another occasion when at first all is in shadow until Jesus illuminates the day for the disciples. Gaze on another setting when things are going badly: if there are no fish, at best the disciples won’t eat, and at worst there will be nothing to sell at market, no means of earning a living. Gaze and see how Jesus brings success out of failure.

Feel the cool breeze from the sea and warm your hands by the fire. Gaze on yet another meal shared with Jesus; though not a banquet, this one is prepared by him, and is as welcome as it is surprising. Did the disciples eat in silence, staring at the Lord, or were they by now comfortable with his resurrected presence, able to treat him as their old friend, chatting away, plying him with questions and bringing him up to date with the news?...


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