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The Sunday next before Lent

Luke 9.28-36 [37-43a]

Gaze on all things that dazzle – spume of the waves that roam the sea, and is tossed up like tinsel in the air, or the light on a lake, making silver rays skid over the surface like a thousand steel skates flashing across ice. Gaze on the astonishment of snow that brightens the dullness of winter days, and transforms the well-known landscape into a quite different scene. But beware, because if you stare too long at snow it can cause blindness. Gaze on lightening, never still, always restless, always questing a way back to earth. All these examples of blinding light have one thing in common, for though you know the real world is still there, everything seems changed. ‘For beauty’s nothing/but beginning of Terror we’re still just able to bear’ (Rainer Maria Rilke)...

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