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The Third Sunday of Epiphany

Luke 4.14-21

Gaze on the scene in the synagogue. The men crowd in, some who normally wouldn’t bother to attend, but today have rediscovered their piety in the urge to see what the fuss is about. They arrive early so they’ll get a seat with a view. The rich and elders have their own personal seats and come in at the last minute, alarmed at the excitement that disturbs their usual devotions. Here come the young men, too, the ones who’ve grown up with Jesus, and went to study the Scriptures with him. They can’t believe he’s special. Yes, he knew his Bible back to front, but wasn’t he the boring one that actually took the classes seriously? Hardly someone to hang about with. In the side gallery the women whisper and press their noses to the grill to get a glimpse. Their children cling to their skirts and tease each other. Mary arrives and they make room for her. She sits down, nervously...

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