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Trinity Sunday
John 16: 12-15

Gaze on one of the great triptychs of medieval painting. These three-panelled paintings can be seen in all the great museums and some of the old cathedrals in Europe, displayed behind the altar. The main panel is flanked on either side by another, tilted slightly towards the centre, as if in conversation, but all three face out towards the congregation. Each is telling their own part of the story, but each is independent in its own right, and can be enjoyed on its own. By opening and shutting the panels, the observer can see different scenes, and take in different ideas: pictures of creation, sacrifice and inspiration, each important at different stages of our life, and each instructing us in something unique. Individual scenes can be a separate focus of prayer and devotion, and provide a journey of faith. But the whole is a unity, which is greater than all its parts. Over the centuries, some of these triptychs have become separated, but there is great excitement when they are reunited, and the full glory of the work is revealed...

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