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Proper 15
Luke 12: 49-56

Gaze on the sky as yet another weather front approaches. Dirty clouds lurk overhead, and the rain begins to lash down at some unseen trigger. How the weather can affect our moods! We are so much more content and kind when the sky is blue. Gaze on the TV evening weather forecast. There is the picture of Britain, with all the symbols sweeping over it. Yellow suns are brightening the west; the north is plunged into grey again. Or vice versa. We listen intently and ‘take it as gospel’. Until it turns out wrong – then listen to us moan and criticize the forecasters! For in Britain, our weather is far from predictable. Perhaps Jesus would not have chosen his examples of clouds bringing rain, and wind bringing heat, had he lived here. Yet even we have country lore and sayings that predict the weather...

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