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Proper 23

Jeremiah 29.1, 4–7
2 Timothy 2.8–15
Luke 17.11–19

A sharp-edged summary of Paul’s gospel: King Jesus, raised from the dead, of David’s seed. The word ‘gospel’ itself, in Paul’s world, meant a royal proclamation; this explains why its heralds fall foul of the authorities. They may be chained, but the gospel itself cannot be; Paul is content with his fate, confident both of the power of the gospel and also of God’s future hope for those who endure.

A ministry based on this confidence will not need to descend into disputes about words. This advice could have saved the Church much time, energy and heartache over the last two millennia. Of course, Paul did his own share of arguing; but there is a difference between disputes about words and disputes about the things the words refer to. It takes wisdom to know the difference. The one who does will be the sort of worker who can present the completed project without shame...

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