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The First Romance?
Genesis 24: 49- 25: 6

Ann and I were sitting in a restaurant waiting for dinner to arrive. There should have been jazz, but the restaurant had been busted by the city authorities for not having a music license, so it was quiet, and I was reading to Ann from Barack Obama’s memoir, The Audacity of Hope. Suddenly to my astonishment (and making me start to weep) I read that his father-in-law had multiple sclerosis, the disease that has disabled Ann. In Frasier Robinson’s case, the disease was diagnosed when he was thirty; for the next twenty-five years as he battled on manfully, he and his family lived “carefully circumscribed” lives, “with even the smallest outing carefully planned to avoid problems or awkwardness” (we could identify with all that). Eventually he died when he was fifty-five, and Obama describes watching his casket lower into the ground and promising to take care of Mr. Robinson’s girl (they were not yet married)...

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