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A dialogue for 2 characters, who look down on the scene in Jerusalem on Good Friday and comment on the events unfolding before them.

The view from above
Two characters are sitting high up, maybe on a trestle or on step-ladders, looking down, swinging their legs ….

1 This is great, isn’t it?
2 Amazing. You can just see for miles – it’s so clear.
1 And everybody is so far away … so small … like … like dolls ….

1 What are you thinking?
2 [Dreamily] Oh, I don’t know. It’s just so nice to be out … just so nice to be right up here, away from it all.
1 It’s so hot and sticky down there in town – so many people.
2 Smelly too – but up here it’s so clean and clear … and there’s even a breeze.
1 Look! [Chuckles]
2 Where? What?
1 [Points] Over there – just look at them: Romans! [Spits]


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