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God’s Unchangeable Promise
Hebrews 6.13-20

‘What’s that, then?’

The little boy tugged at my hand and pointed to a large, ugly metal object prominently displayed near the front of the ship which was gliding by.

I took him a little further along the quay, and we came to another ship which was tied up alongside. From the same place in the bows there was a thick metal cable reaching down into the murky water below.

‘It’s the anchor,’ I said. ‘They drop it down when they want to stop and stay still. It sinks down deep into the mud at the bottom. Then even when it’s windy and the tide gets high the ship won’t move. When they want to sail again they haul it up, and there it is on the side.’

He looked at the ship as it moved away from us, out towards the open sea.

‘Do all ships have one?’ he asked.

‘I think so,’ I replied. ‘You’d be in bad shape without it.’...

Taken from Hebrews for Everyone – by Tom Wright

Publisher: SPCK - view more
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