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Jesus and Nicodemus
John 3.1-13

I have lost my birth certificate.

It’s the sort of thing that happens when you move house, which we did not long ago. I know where it was in the old house. It may have been accidentally thrown away; but I suspect it was put into a very, very safe place, and the place was so safe that I still haven’t found it.

Fortunately, I don’t need it at the moment. I have a passport and other documents. Sooner or later, if it doesn’t show up, I shall have to get a replacement, which means going back to the town where I was born and paying to have a new copy made from the register there.

But, of course, the one thing that a birth certificate isn’t needed for is to prove that a birth took place. Here I am, a human being; obviously I must have been born. The fact that at the moment I can’t officially prove when and where is a minor detail...

Taken from John for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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