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The First Disciples
John 1.35-42

I was staying with my uncle in Toronto. I was nineteen at the time. He took me with him for a day on one of his hobbies: clay-pigeon shooting.

I hadn’t even seen the sport before, let alone done it. Little disks of clay are propelled from a machine; the shooter stands in various positions, trying to hit the disks as they fly past at different angles and trajectories. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was fun and challenging.

The last clay pigeon I had to shoot was coming almost directly at me. It swerved slightly in flight, and all I remember is pulling the trigger and seeing the clay shatter all around me.

My uncle came over to me.

‘Good thing you got that one,’ he said, ‘or it would have got you.’

Up to that moment I hadn’t thought of the sport as a two way affair...

Taken from John for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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