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The Raising of Lazarus
John 11.38-46

We saw a programme on the television last night about the fossilized remains of what looks like an ancient race of creatures. They seem to be like humans, but much taller. They appear to have been significantly different from any monkeys or apes known to us. Now the archaeologists are teaming up with explorers (all this takes place in some of the remotest mountains of China) to see if these creatures might still exist.

It’s an exciting story, and a remarkable prospect. But I am fascinated by the way in which the archaeologists piece together their finds. Here is a fossil which seems to be part of an animal. Here is a bone which might be part of the same animal. Here is a piece of hair, stuck to a rock deep inside a cave, high in the mountains. Could they all go together? Could one of these puzzles explain the others?...

Taken from John for Everyone Part 2 – by Tom Wright

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