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Prayer for Wisdom and Gratitude
Colossians 1.9-14

We watched, holding our breath, as the mother duck left the pond at the head of her brood.

There were seven ducklings in all: four black ones and three yellow ones. They were lively and squeaky, scuttling to and fro. For days they had swum about with their mother in the little pond. Now it was time for her to take them to the nearby lake.

This meant danger. To get there they had to cross a main road and make their way through a park where dogs, cats, larger birds and several other predators would be watching. Fortunately, in this city at least, local residents are prepared for this moment and make sure that traffic comes to a stop to let the little procession pass through. They reached their destination safely. But we were left marvelling at the mother’s apparent calm confidence as she led her little family through potential hazards and on to the larger world where she would then bring them up to maturity...

Taken from Paul for Everyone – The Prison Letters by Tom Wright

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