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Riot in the Temple
Acts 21.27-36

On the news every day, as I write this, there is footage of American and British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Like many others, I was of the opinion that we were wrong to start what we did in that part of the world, and I haven’t changed that point of view. But I am full of admiration for the men and women – well, almost all of them, but then there are always some who let the side down in any walk of life – who are out there doing an extraordinarily difficult job under very trying conditions. The British television tends, naturally, to interview British officers, and again and again, even when facing impossible tasks or tragic events, they come across as intelligent, well-educated people with plenty of common sense, free from any bombastic rhetoric. They are there to do a job and they are doing it with professionalism and as much good humour as they can muster. Sometimes they are people who, when the war is over, will change careers and have a powerful future ahead of them...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 2 by Tom Wright

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