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The Second Sunday of Epiphany
John 1.43-51

Consider what would make you go, on a friend’s say-so, to meet someone who has influenced him or her. Consider what it would take to make you move from ‘come and see’ to ‘follow me’. Consider how much more courage it takes to ‘follow’ than to ‘come’. Once you follow, you are no longer able to stay on the sideline as a spectator, but must be ready for the consequences.

Contemplate the revelation of Jesus continuing, and his epiphany to the world made certain. God’s urge to share himself is so great, that God becomes human so that humans can reach God. Picture Jacob’s ladder, a scaffold to climb to heaven, and the angels of God passing up and down. The barrier between earth and heaven is demolished. Contemplate being open enough to receive such wonderful blessings...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B by Judith Dimond


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