Songs From The Applecart Album by Peter Moreton

Track list:

1 Passionate Angel
2 Does It Matter To You
3 Sorry For The Distance
4 My loved One Had A Vineyard
5 Show Me The Money
6 Wanna Run Away
7 Pigs Might Fly
8 Make Me Well
9 Rock A Bye Baby
10 Heal Me
11 Let Me Sleep Forever
12 If You Wanna Find Heaven

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Songs From The Applecart is just a selection from an intense twelve month writing period. There are so many people to thank for helping me to make this album.  Phil Summers is my partner in Applecart; any creative juices I lack, he more than compensates for.  It’s a joy working with him.  Peter Powers is the man whose combined talents of nurturing, protecting and encouraging made Applecart happen.  Thanks too, to Tim Nicholls who’s experience and time were instrumental in Applecart, to Simon Helliwell who has managed to condense our ramblings into wonderful designs and to Roger Watkins for his support and encouragement.

To all these dear friends and colleagues my sincerest thanks!
Finally, I dedicate this recording to Cath and Meg who put up with all my worst bits and prove that life is truly beautiful.

Bundle contents:

Store | Does It Matter To You - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Sorry For The Distance - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | My Loved One Had A Vineyard - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Show Me The Money - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Wanna Run Away - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Pigs Might Fly - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Make Me Well - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Rock A Bye Baby - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Heal Me - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Let Me Sleep Forever - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | If You Wanna Find Heaven - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Songs from the Applecart Booklet - Applecartlive Ltd

Store | Passionate Angel - Applecartlive Ltd

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