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Monologue: Dogs and crumbs

Proper 15 year A
Matthew 15: 21-28

Oh yes, my daughter’s well now, thank you.
She’s never looked back since she was cured by that Jewish healer.
I know! It was very strange wasn’t it? I mean, to see him there and to know that we’d
heard so much about him and the wonderful things he’d done. Then, here he was,
right in our area. Certainly near enough to get to see him – and when we got there he
was close enough for me to touch him, if I’d dared to.
But I didn’t.
He may have been a healer, but he was a Jew and a man – and you know how the
Jews are with foreigners like us. Very exclusive, they are...

14 August 2011, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Matthew 15: 21-28, monologue,
healing, Canaanite woman, daughter, Jesus, foreigner, disciples, lost sheep of
Israel, dogs crumbs, table, faith.

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