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Who Can Lay Hands on Yahweh’s Anointed and Get Away with It?
1 Samuel 26: 1- 28: 2

This past weekend the U.S. Congress passed a bill designed to reform health care in the nation. By the time you read this we will know more about how it all works out. You may not approve of Congress’s decision, but that will not affect one striking aspect of the process. Both Democrats and Republicans recognized that Democrats were putting their political futures on the line by taking this plan through Congress when very large numbers of people in the country opposed it. Both parties know that the electorate may make the Democrats pay a price during the midterm elections in a few months time. The president knows that it might cost him his second term. So why did they take this risk? Because they were convinced it was what was best for the nation. They placed their personal destinies and interests and jobs behind their perception of what was the right thing to do...

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