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Wise Advice Treated as Folly
2 Samuel 17: 1- 19: 40

In the 1990s there was a political crisis in the state of Israel over King David’s good name. The Foreign Minister had been accused of slandering David in a parliamentary debate, and his words prompted three motions of no confidence against the coalition government. Although the ruling party made it through this particular crisis, they were anxious that the affair might have an effect on an upcoming general election since it might unite the whole religious community against the party. The chairman of the coalition called on the Foreign Minister to make a public apology, but he was unwilling to do so, though he had said that he did not intend to denigrate King David by remarks he had made about his relationship with Bathsheba. His actual words were, “Not everything that King David did, on the ground, on the rooftops, is acceptable to a Jew or is something I like.”...

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