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How to Be Codependent
Psalm 20

In our church we are in the midst of accepting that we can no longer afford a full-time rector. As a result I am becoming the only priest involved with the church on a regular basis, presiding at services and preaching except on occasions when I ask someone else to do so. I’m sad about the circumstances, but I’m looking forward to presiding and preaching. I’m also aware of the responsibility. There is a two-way relationship between people involved in leadership and the people who are being led, and it applies to the lay leaders of the congregation as well as to me in our relationship with the congregation as a whole. You could call it a codependent relationship if you use that expression in a positive way. It’s a mutual, reciprocal relationship. There is responsibility that the leaders accept and responsibility exercised by the congregation as a whole. Each depends on the other to make things work. Codependency doesn’t mean being passive, expecting that the person you depend on will “just do something.” Codependency means co-responsibility...

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