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The Complications of Surrogacy
Genesis 16: 4b-7

Establishing whether a couple’s problem in having children lies in the man or the woman involves stressful processes of medical investigation. When a woman who had gone through such procedures told me her husband had a zero sperm count, I was amazed for several reasons. One was the freedom with which people in the United States share the details of their medical issues (“Too much information,” a Brit is inclined to think). Another was the bravery involved in coming to terms with a fact like that about oneself. Another was the stress it could place on a marriage, whether the problem lies in the woman or the man. It must either drive a couple closer together or drive them apart. One hears about the complications that can follow when a woman gets another woman to bear her baby for her. To whom will the baby really belong? Can you just rent a womb as you can rent a room? Once she gives birth and suckles, will she really be able to surrender the baby?...

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