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Yahweh’s Covenant and Our Covenant
Psalm 111

I noted in connection with Psalm 105 that this Thanksgiving/ Advent we are suggesting to the people in our church that they think about what they have to thank God for over the past year and what they might make a covenant about for the coming year. It hadn’t occurred to me that their covenant commitments could be a response to their reflection on the past year, but the point is obvious when you think about it. Today we gave the congregation the four questions I listed in the comment on Psalm 105 so that they could think about them before we do so in the context of our worship next Sunday, and on the way home my wife asked me whether I was going to think about them ahead of time myself. Whether I do so or whether I rely on what occurs to me next Sunday (which fits with my usual approach to life), I shall now be linking together the way I may covenant and the way God has blessed me over the year...

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