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Proper 19

Mark 8: 27-38

Gaze on a group of men and women, looking forward to supper, walking casually along the road towards Caesarea Philippi. What are they talking about – the weather, perhaps or the latest lovesick comrade, or maybe the political scandal of the continued occupation by Roman troops? No, this group of ordinary-looking tax gatherers, fishermen and artisans are gripped by a question whose proportions overwhelm them. Their leader has just thrown them into a state of confusion – ‘Who do you say that I am?’ he asks. No one shouts or jokes, there is just a steady rumble of perplexed voices, and a wrinkling of foreheads. For how can they set about answering this? They begin to stutter, and stab at the first thought that comes into their head. Then Peter has a go and comes up trumps; but almost immediately puts his foot in it...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B By Judith Dimond

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