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Proper 15
John 6: 51-58

Gaze on a typical communion service. In some churches people sit patiently in their pew before being stewarded to the rail. In others, people get up and go when it suits them. There is the circle of people around the altar – the elderly and arthritic stand. Babies are brought for blessing. The young are in jeans, the older people smartly dressed. There is the lady in her knitted woollen hat, the one she wears whatever the weather. Empty hands are raised to accept the bread. In some churches the bread is freshly baked, or bought from the supermarket, and small pieces are torn off roughly, while in others, the wafer is flat and crisp. All are obeying Jesus’ call to come to him, to be drawn by the Father and to be raised from their knees by this sacrament...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B By Judith Dimond

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