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Proper 16

John 6: 56-69

Gaze on Simon Peter. He is standing near to Jesus, and is spokesman yet again for the disciples. He is the first to speak, yet again perhaps too readily.

Hear his exclamation: ‘To whom shall we go?’ Listen to his tone of voice. Is he dogmatic or pleading, is he confused or frightened? If it was pleading, what he must be meaning is ‘Please, don’t send me away!’ If it was dogmatic, he’d be absolutely sure of himself. He’d be saying ‘What nonsense, Jesus, there’s no way I’ll ever leave you’ (really?). If he sounds confused, perhaps he means ‘Have I put all my trust and given up so much for something that is not true?’ If he is frightened, is he thinking ‘What would life without Jesus be like now?’...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B By Judith Dimond

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