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Isaiah 11:1-10 On God's Holy Mountain

The magnificent lion with his fabulous mane stretched out his paws and said…

‘Hmm I think it’s dinner time again’

The lamb skipped and danced, hopped and pranced as she played amongst the flowers.

Then she heard a sound that made her stop and tremble…

The lion’s tummy rumbled.

The sensational spotted leopard scratched his ear and rubbed his tummy and said…

‘Hmm I think it’s dinner time’

The cow mooed and ate some food; yummy green grass for tea.

Then she lifted her head and her eyes near popped out as she gazed at the spots in the trees.

Then her knees knocked so hard that her milk turned to cheese!

The Wiley wolf with his long pointed nose, picked up his ears as he heard tantalizing noise and said to himself….

‘Hmm I think it’s dinner time’

The kid kicked out his feet in a comical way as he leapt up in the air as he went on his way.

With a howl and a woof he stopped his play and started to bleat and to quake.


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