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It Was an Ordinary Working Day
EXODUS 3: 1-10

It was an ordinary working day. My wife, Ann (but she wasn’t my wife then—in fact, we hadn’t even met), left her university residence in London and took the subway to her medical school. She was just a week or two into her preclinical course and was meeting up with the student with whom she shared a dead body, which they had to dissect before they were let loose on live ones. The student happens also to be called John. Over the corpse, John asked her whether she went to church, and she told him she sometimes did and that she had been confirmed in the Church of England. “Do you know God?” John asked her. The question flummoxed her. She did not know how to think about it. John invited her to go with him to the Anglican mecca near the BBC where another John was the preacher, and the rest is history. On this ordinary working day, Ann suddenly found herself on the threshold of meeting with God...

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