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How to Be a Peacemaker
Genesis 13: 1-13

When people need to divide up possessions, it can turn out to be difficult for one reason or another. I write in a context where there has been a collapse in house prices, with the odd result that some couples have had to give up getting divorced because their house has become a financial liability rather than a financial asset. And I write in a context where some congregations have left my denomination hoping they could take their buildings with them, but this week a court has declared that they cannot. I previously referred to my physician’s request for me to say who should make health-care decisions for me if I am ever unable to do so. A related need is for one to make a will and decide what should happen to one’s effects because otherwise the family will be arguing about them (I relish the idea of my sons disputing who has which of my theological books). At another level, more seriously and tragically Israelis and Palestinians continue a conflict that in effect concerns how to divide up the land that both love. Genesis 13 resonates especially loudly with that conflict...

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