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Surviving in the Wilderness
EXODUS 15: 22- 17: 7

A former colleague of mine used sometimes to say of a seminary student, “He [I don’t remember it ever being a she] needs to learn to love the church.” The comment would be aroused by the student’s reaction to some piece of apparent inefficiency or arbitrariness or shortness of vision on the part of the church. I would nod sagely at this comment. Then the other week someone rebuked me for the way I had been going on (so he implied) about the church’s failures, and he reminded me of the New Testament’s high opinion of the church and the optimism it holds about it. I felt suitably chastised while also confused; I thought I was right in what I had said (!), though I also knew he was right about the high view the Scriptures have of the importance of the church...

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