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Trinity Sunday

John 3: 1-17

Gaze at this conversation, taking place at night in Jesus’ rooms, somewhere in a dark Jerusalem back street. The room is barely lit by a small earthen oil lamp. Jesus and his unexpected guest sit cross-legged on cushions. The furnishings of the room are bare and frugal, for peasants from Galilee could not afford a palace, or a five-star hotel, and had no friends in high places to put them up in luxury. Except this peasant, Jesus, claims that he has a link to the highest place of all; he has a Father on the throne of heaven. He speaks with firmness, even admonishing this teacher who came with such an earnest, honest question. And Jesus’ answer is so certain, yet so enigmatic...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B by Judith Dimond

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