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A short sketch exploring the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Suitable for All Age Worship.

Making Do: The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 16 – 19-31
Year C – Proper 21

The rich man sits at a table eating bread and doughnuts and sweets. Lazarus sits in front of the table in rags.
Rich Man: (ringing a bell) Jeeves, Jeeves! There appears to be a man on my doorstep, Jeeves.
Jeeves: Yes, sir. His name is Lazarus.
Rich Man: Well, what is he doing on my doorstep, Jeeves?
Jeeves: I believe he is sheltering from the wind, sir.
Rich Man: Sheltering from the wind?
Jeeves: Yes sir, it really is bitterly cold this evening.
Rich Man: Well that’s no excuse for sitting on my doorstep. There are perfectly good gutters out there, tell him he must make do with them.
Jeeves: Yes, sir. Should I perhaps take one of these robes to keep him warm?
Rich Man: Robes, my robes?
Jeeves: Yes Sir, it really is so cold.


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