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Inheriting God’s Kingdom
1 Corinthians 6.9-11

We stood in line for the ride at the funfair. But as we got closer I saw a sign. This ride was for little people only – for children. Beside the sign was a small wooden archway, and you had to walk through, without stooping, to get to the ride. Only people who could walk through were allowed on. Anybody else simply wouldn’t fit. The ride wouldn’t be safe for them; if they went on it, it wouldn’t be safe for anybody else. Two of my children got on (with an anxious backward glance at me), but I had to stay out.

God’s kingdom isn’t a funfair ride, but the same principle applies. There are certain ways of behaving, certain lifestyles, which just won’t fit. To come into God’s kingdom while being that sort of person is a kind of category mistake...

Taken from Paul 1 Corinthians for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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