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Preface to the SPCK Classics edition

1 Stephen Toulmin, Cosmopolis: The Hidden Agenda of Modernity (New York: Free Press, 1990), p. 203.
2 Robert Runcie, ‘Theology, the University and the Modern World’ in Paul A. B. Clarke, Andrew Linzey and John Moses (eds), Theology, the University and the Modern World (London: Lester Crook Academic Publishing, 1988), p. 26.
3 Rowan Williams, ‘What is Catholic Orthodoxy?’ in Kenneth Leech and Rowan Williams (eds), Essays Catholic and Radical (London: Bowerdean Press, 1983), pp. 11–25.
4 Paul Ricoeur, The Conflict of Interpretations (Chicago: North-western University Press), 1974…

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